Sunday, September 4, 2011

A vintage fabric Man-Apron

After making the curtains (in the background), I still had about a yard and half of fabric left. I told Andrew "I think I'll make my mom an apron out of this fabric!" He says "But you know how much I love this fabric" wahh wahh wahhh French food, he's french, blah blah. Guess who gets the apron in the end? So sorry mom, blame Andrew!

I have no unisex apron patterns, so I simply cut around this apron we got for free several years ago. Cheaply made, but the right shape.

I went to Jo-Ann and bought some bias tape in the closest green. I am usually not a fan of store bias tape, as it makes clothes look really "home sewn" in the worst way, but it's great for a project like this!

I had a limited amount of fabric to work with, so I cut out the apron and did the binding. Then I cut off a 2 inch strip for the neck loop. This left a 10 inch strip left to make the triple pocket. I bound the top of the pocket and folded under and sewed the other sides. 
There are three pockets seperated by rows of stitching. We just watched the episode of Southpark where Butters is going to win the state tap competition dancing to "I've got something in my front pocket for you" when his shoe comes off and there is a tragedy. Click here to watch it, Southpark is so funny, yet horrible. 

It's a very giant apron, but it ended up fitting him perfectly and he was very, very excited and happy. 

Pattern: traced from existing apron
Fabric: Vintage, left over from the dining room curtains
Notions: green thread and bias binding
Cost: about $6
Time: I busted this one out in about 2 hours!



  1. Tell Andrew "I'm jealous"! I love the apron and he looks very good in it. That vintage fabric was a great find.

  2. you can tell andrew has a huge smirk on his face in the pictures where his head is cropped off.

  3. Yeah, he wouldn't stop making weird faces


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