Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Next up: Butterick 6944

I am making this cute 70s dress next, the version on the far left. In my typical fashion, I have been overly inspired by the envelope and am making it in navy and cream fine wale corduroy. I really like the pockets that fold over and double as belt loops. 
 As school has started here, I have given up on finding a permanent job for this school year, which is sad. We moved all my boxes of teaching stuff to the back porch, where it will hibernate until next year. I did finally get my provisional certificate; I need to one course online and my endorsement tests. I hope to have my real, final certificate by December. I told Andrew we are not moving again any time soon, especially if I will lose a year or my career every time this happens. It would be so much better if the US had nationalized health care (as I am once again among the uninsured) and a nationalized education system. It would make it so much easier for people to move around the country. If every child across the country took the same courses in the same grade, it would benefit everyone. I had so many students move to my previous school, and we would be studying ancient world history and they were studying US history, or geography or something else before. It would be so much simpler, but state's rights, etc, etc.
Anyhoo, I will be looking for waitressing jobs this week, so I don't know how much sewing I will get done. We have also been watching Masterpiece Theatre's Poirot series on Netflix, so many of my evenings have been taken by those!

Anyone have any good projects for the fall? Or spring for the southern hemisphere?


  1. I agree with you on the Health Care and School issue... I think you sewing it's AMAZING.... Hey maybe you can teach to sew and earn some extra ca$h... I know I would of sign up with you if I live closer ') .... anyway good luck !

  2. Good luck with the online class and the waitress job search, you have a great attitude! I really like the pattern you are going to make, of course I'm a 70's throwback so I love those "old" patterns (seems like yesterday)!

  3. Hey Molly. I know what you mean about the School System! It is pretty similar here in Australia, hence me leaving teaching a year ago and changing careers completely! All my teaching books and resources are in boxes sitting in the back of the garage... maybe one day they will see the light again :-( I love the sound of the dress, and I totally get the inspiration from the pattern thing, that's what the pictures are there for right? Good luck with the job searching, Sam xox


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