Thursday, September 15, 2011

McCalls 6203- A wardrobe from a sheet

First off, thanks for all the feedback on my last dress! It made me really happy!

I started this a week or two ago, but then lost my motivation. 

My pattern is from the 50s/60s. I was amused when I opened it because some later seamstress had altered the pants into bell bottoms. Ha!
 Fabric: a yellow, flowered sheet from the Salvation Army. $3.

Notions: 5 large white plastic buttons that I had, and a zipper I had

 I am surprised, but I actually like the top a lot. The dark jeans calm the craziness down and it fits pretty well.

Time: Not including all the time I procrastinated, just a few hours.
 Cost: fabric, 3; zippers and buttons .25; pattern .25; super cheap outfit.
 It's hard to see, but the shirt has flaps on the sides for some ease.

I also made the skirt which turned out to be huge. I have no idea why when I measured a 34 inch waistband I didn't stop and think. I was too excited about working out the pleats. So, yes, it is about 7 inches too big. I pinned the back for the picture. I think I'll offer it up in my 300 follower giveaway, if I ever get there. Maybe I'll do it for Halloween if not!
 Wearing them together is a bit terrifying.
I am on an exciting sewing quest for the weekend! More news about it tomorrow, with pictures of my muslin. Don't die of shock! I really did make one! It's not even 12/12/12 yet, OMG!


  1. Agreed, wearing them together is terrifying, but the shirt with jeans looks fab! Love the shape with the flaps it looks so comfy! I've not been brave enough to use a sheet, but I might have to give it a go!

  2. The shirt came out so cute. I love using old floral bedsheets for sewing.

  3. Love them together, and love the pairing with the dark jeans! Looks fantastic :)

  4. Super cute and I like them together! What a good idea to buy a sheet and use that as fabric for clothes, I might do that and make myself a shirtwaist dress. I really like the top with the dark jeans too!!

  5. I love the top on you! It's perfect with the dark jeans. Both of them together also work when you want a totally retro look.


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