Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unfinished Project lolz

Tasia, from Sewaholic patterns, just wrote about her shameful, unfinished projects lying around. I laughed and then immediately made a Grumpy Cat face and thought of my coat...

Oh Vogue 775, you are my nemesis. I bought the pattern at an estate sale in Oregon in July of 2010. I included links to my posts for each of these long-ago stages because it is hilarious to read the things I wrote with such enthusiasm. I was instantly enraptured with the pattern and saw it as a coat, rather than a coat dress.

Here is where I gush with enthusiasm for my coat making progress and how I can't wait to make a muslin (which I rarely do).

Then, shockingly, I actually make and fit the whole muslin in a reasonable time frame! What? I took pictures and pranced about in it. Then, I tore it apart to be the new pattern.

In that same summer we went to New York and I was able to buy my wool at Mood. I showed it off and deliberated about underlining and if it was necessary. I decided to do it and cut out the flannel and basted it all together. Usually I get lazy when it comes to boring, repetitive sewing stuff and quit, but I stuck with it! Sam left a comment about how she couldn't wait to see my coat! Hahahaha.

That was January/February 2011.  We were still in New Orleans and it gets hot there by March, so I moved on to other things. Then we moved to Chicago and it has sat packed away in my drawers of fabric for a year and a half. I saw it the other day when I was marveling at all of the unused fabric I have managed to hoard. I want to finish it, I swear.

Reasons to finish it:
1. It would be a great coat.
2. That wool was expensive
3. It is cut out and underlined and ready to be sewn up.
4. I even have the thread and interfacing for the lapels.

But coats are so time-consuming and I'm supposed to be doing other things like sewing my wedding dress and such and such. We shall see, my friends!

Do you guys have some shamefully unfinished years-long projects to share? I'm not the only one, right?

P.S. For lolz, read the the end of my finished cape post, where I marvel at how it took me three years to finish that cape and how I KNOW it won't take me that long to finish my coat. Well, lah dee dah, past Molly. Looks like someone was a little too cocky!


  1. You are definitely not alone - I have a huge box of unfinished projects which shames me because it is such a waste of fabric and my time. My worst one though was a simple sheath dress that only required about two hours of attention and yet it took me years and years to get around to it!

    As for your coat you should finish it because of how much work you've already put into it, but there's always next year isn't there?!

  2. Oh UFO's - how I do I count thee???... I have a waterproof jacket I made nearly 20 years ago, a black dress that really needed an FBA but I have no fabric left, a fleecy faux sheepskin jacket, a simple dress, about 4 things I have cut out but have cut something else out today...I could go on.... I'd better not or I'll think of more I haven't finished. You are not alone!

  3. I remember that pattern! You should finish it because it will be AMAZING! I have a 1950s bathing suit WIP for 3 years or so. Someday...


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