Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little coat progress- underlining complete!

I must admit, cutting out the wool was stressful. It all fit, and I made no mistakes because I took my time. The front pieces were the worst, because they are gigantic- the front is the bodice and skirt and sleeve all in one piece. So as I was distracted laying it out singly and cutting it twice, I look up to see my "helper" helping stink up a hundred-some dollars of wool. What a brat! Look at him studiously ignoring me!
All the pictures are a little dark, since it's night. The light blue is the flannel underlining, the dark blue is my wool.
It worked out perfectly, since I now have each piece with no marks on the wool, and all of the marks on the flannel in marker. The pattern has about ten million marks you need to transfer: darts, slits, seam allowances that change on a whim, button placement for 15 buttons, etc. I basted it on the machine, of course! I spend all my patience on 6th graders at school; I have no patience for slow sewing!
This is the interfacing I am going to use. It is Pellon Shape-Flex, a woven fusible one made from cotton. I am pleased. My sample gave it nice bit of stiffness, but not too much. You do have to fuse it with a damp cloth, but that's fine.
The coat is going to be super warm! It still has nice, heavy drape and isn't really all that bulky at all. I'm excited!

My next project, and second to last January goal: making a pair of gloves. The pattern is the glove I deconstructed and traced; the fabric is an eggplant/aubergine purple. It's pretty- the light is bad.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway, if you haven't already! I will be drawing names tomorrow or Thursday night!


  1. WOW! That is a lot of progress and yes...that is a ton of markings! I love your little helper keeping you company : ) What kind of fabric did you choose for your gloves? I can see the color it's really pretty!

  2. Molly you have done so much! Judging by the beautiful cape you made I am sure this jacket will turn out brilliantly. Can't wait to see the gloves finished either. Enjoying your blog as always, Sam xox

  3. OH it's stretch velour, I think it said


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