Saturday, January 29, 2011

February Goals

First, I have to recap my January goals to see if I made any progress:

1. Cut out coat fabric and baste to underlining- CHECK!
2. Make Stephanie a birthday dress- CHECK!
3. Make a 70s sundress- CHECK!
Extra bonus- learned how to add bra cups to a dress
4. Make the hilarious pajama set- CHECK!
Extra bonus- I made a pair of slippers!
5. Make a pair of gloves- I have them cut out and one thumb is partially attached. (That sounds like the lead in to all those horrible medical shows I love)
6. Draft pattern for my military-inspired dress- I bought some thread to match (bronze green) and I plan on doing that this weekend.

February Goals!

1. After putting out both of the quilt I made for the pajama photo shoot, it made me look at them closely. I love my quilts, but they are made to be used, and they get washed in the machine. There are quite a lot of seams coming apart, so I need to mend them.

2. Sew the outer shell of the coat, Vogue 755.

3. Make this dress, Simplicity 2918. I am going to make the one on the left out of this blue geometric fabric. The squares are made up of squiggly lines, if you look closely.
4. Make this dress, which I have made before here. I wear that dress all the time. It is cute, but loose and comfortable and it has pockets. I bought this fabric over Xmas at that giant fabric store in Portland, and I already had a bunch of grey buttons.
5. Make this dress, McCalls 5972. I want to make the one to the right because it has an interesting collar.
6. I want to finish my gloves too, and sew in my labels into everything I have made. I always forget to do that.

7. I also bought the Pendrell pattern from Sewaholic. I am so stingy- it was hard to actually pay more than a dollar for a pattern, but I love Tasia, and it is good to support independent pattern designers, too! It might not get here from Canada for awhile, so that might be a March goal.

8. Super important! I just bought my and Andrew's tickets to Oregon for Anna's wedding, so I need to hem my bridesmaid dress!

So, we'll see. I am always open to making things on a whim, as well, so who knows!


  1. You are amazing, what with all of the progress you make...I can't wait to see the first dress on your list made, I love that pattern, it looks so Molly to me! The black and white fabric is really nice I was looking at some fabric just like that but it was a wool, The pattern you are using for the Portland fabric is really cute, are the buttons from Aunt Sherry? Can't wait to see all of them on you : )

  2. Great goals. The pajamas are so funny! Gave me a good laugh this morning.

  3. Thanks Molly! I'm thrilled that you picked up a Pendrell pattern and thanks for the lovely compliments :)
    It's already in the mail and on its way to you! Can't wait to see your finished blouse. And good luck with the February goals!


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