Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest Photo Ever Taken

This is probably my favorite picture ever. I took it on my cell phone last year, at the end of February. Those are my birthday flowers on the table. It is so excellent, and T-Rex looks so regal.
If you remember my frame that I refinished, this is the picture Andrew promised to paint in oil paints and then hang it in the living room.

He looks so stately, until you notice his tongue hanging out of his mouth a tad.


PS I finally made a muslin for my military dress, and I am going to use it, but it looked so terrifying that I didn't take a picture of it. I hope to at least cut out the pieces tomorrow. I helped with Cooking Club's first meeting today, where they made a pizza bagel, and Sewing Club is on Wednesday, and tomorrow morning is my doughnut party for kids who have ten or more homework passes (One HW pass is for a week of completed homework, and only replaces one assignment- these are the eight kids who do so much homework that they never use their passes and just save them up. I love them; I would have been that kid too, saving them just in case! I used to save stickers and never use them. That kid!) Long and busy week ahead, but I want to get some sewing done!



  1. It is a great photo and I would love to see T Rex painted up in oils and put in your stunning frame.

  2. What a beautiful photo - I love the tongue! Sounds like you have a fun couple of days coming up... Enjoy!

  3. That close up made me smile! Thanks for the laugh :)

  4. I love the picture of T-Rex! I have to go feed the beagles brb.


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