Saturday, January 15, 2011

70s Sundress Pictures

This is the pattern I used, McCalls 4534 from the 70s. It was dated, I think 1975. Contrary to how it appears, the cape is sewn in to the neckline, so I left that off and made the girl in blue. The fabric and pattern were gifts from my mom. The fabric has tiny white flowers.
It was in the 60s and somewhat sunny today, so it was much better for pictures. We stopped to take pictures on the way to the library, in front of my favorite mansion on St Charles Avenue. I call it the Wedding Cake House, since it looks like one to me- very elaborate and frou-frou.
I understand the logic of having front center seams, since the skirt is cut to be shaped without making darts. But I always feel like you get that weird line, and it wants to settle between my legs, instead of being smooth. Pah.

Isn't this house awesome?
The print loses some of the details in the pictures. It has an empire waist seam, and a top-stitched yoke that makes the straps. It was my first attempt at adding padded bra cups, which was fairly successful. I can take little credit for these puppies.
I think it is somewhat snug, but Andrew is quite pleased. He seems to think this dress is very sexy. I guess most of what I sew are not-tight, work dresses. Maybe I should continue my running, which I have not done one single day in the new year. That would make it a bit looser.
The back. I think the lack of darts contributed to those pulling wrinkles. I have never done a sway back adjustment, but this dress could have used one. I handpicked this zipper too, and it looks good, but not awesome.
Overall, I am mostly pleased with this dress. When the weather warms up, it will be nice to wear around. And any dress that doesn't require the torture of a strapless bra is a win in my book!!!


  1. I like it! I agree with the sexy dress assessment, too :) No strapless bra is brilliant.

  2. I'd be very proud to have made that. It's a great job. What's up next??

  3. I agree with Andrew it is a sexy dress and you look really good in it! Good job! I like the mansion, it does look like a wedding cake.

  4. This is really lovely, excellent back detail!

  5. It is very sexy! And very pretty. LOVE the back. I'm really loving 70s dresses at the moment.

  6. I love that back detail. Makes me wish it were summer!


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