Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vogue 755 Muslin... in progress

You could safely say I am obsessed with this pattern. I love it. It will be the most beautiful coat in the world.
Fortunately, I own it already. It was my best 25 cent buy at that estate sale. I can't find it on the internet anywhere for sale, so who knows how much it goes for.

I oh so carefully pressed the pieces, and they are all there. It made me nervous- what if I tear one? (duh, tape it.) I'm IN LOVE, I can't be logical!

I laid out the muslin on the floor and threatened Andrew and the dog with violence if they came anywhere near my pattern. They cowered in fear.

Not really, it sounded dramatic.

Then I carefully cut them all out. Man it used an absolute freeking sheet ton of fabric. Sheet. It might be thwarting my plans of owning a cashmere coat. Grr. The envelope says 4 yards of 54 inch fabric, and I think it's telling the truth. yikes.

So, I am making a real muslin out of muslin and I am going to fit it perfectly using my Kenneth King guidelines in my Threads magazines my mommy bought me.

And it will be beautiful.

And then I will pick it all apart and lay it out again to see if I really need 4 yards!!! Eek.

PS- Due to my shortness, I usually can get away with buying much less. Like my halter top and pants wanted 4 yards and I bought 3 and it was fine. Vogue 755 has weird shaped pieces, so we shall see.

And then I will go to New York and buy the most lovely fabric ever envisioned for my beautiful (future) coat.

Oh, and did I mention it's an unprinted pattern? Luckily, it'll be the second one I've done, but tomorrow's sewing will be transferring all the dots and squares onto my muslin in pen.

Wish me one billion buckets of luck!!!


  1. I love the pattern, I can see you wearing the coat!! Good luck...I KNOW you will do a great job but I will wish you luck : )

  2. I'll add my million buckets of luck to your pool! Thats a gorgeous pattern!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  3. yipppeeee...can't wait to see the muslin...beautiful pattern! Good luck!

  4. Good luck! It is the most delicious coat pattern.
    Just be careful making your muslin out of a fabric (in your case, muslin) that is much thinner than the fabric you intend to use for the final version. The thickness of your eventual fabric will make it much more snug because the fabric will be taking up room.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous coat! Looking forward to seeing it made up.

  6. You should join the Coat Sew Along! ( Lots of coat-making questions being answered over there
    Gorgeous pattern, hopefully there won't be many fitting issues!

  7. Lisette makes a good point about the difference in the fabric weight.

  8. A billion buckets of luck to you! That's a beautiful pattern. Can't wait to see the results!


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