Thursday, July 1, 2010

Practice Slip

Oops, really terrible picture. Sorry. As you can see however, it is enormous. I need to find a different pattern or draft my own.
I'm going to monkey around with it some more when I come back from Florida, but as of right now, I would probably fit someone with a 36 bust or larger. Lol, that's not me!

Have a good 4th of July weekend!


  1. Good for you! Silky fabrics are so hard to handle. I'm so excited, I just bought a gorgeous pristine cream colored antique slip. I think it's from the 40's! I hope to use it as a pattern for more slips, it has the most beautiful shaping. I hope your slip turns out the way you want.

  2. I gave up trying to find a full length slip that actually fit me and went to 1/2 slips. The slips were always too big in the bust It looks like the slip fits the dress form except for the bust. Try to alter it and I think you will have success!


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