Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Butterick 6963- 70s Tunic-style top

Here is my pattern: 
It is a 1970s Butterick in a 30 bust. Technically it is a child pattern, but it's my size and I've done it before successfully. I made the square neck version with elbow length sleeves. 

This is my fabric and the back of the blouse:
The fabric is a light cotton from an estate sale. I just can't remember which one. I think it was one where there was a beautiful old gilded and painted Singer but the wires were all frayed (it was only 25 bucks or so). Then I told my mom about it later and she said "Oh that would be easy to fix!" Then, I was sad...

The front and the side with the tie belt. 

Then the front and back with it loose. It looks a little "maternity" without the tie, but it is tunic-y and comfortable. I over-lightened the pictures playing around on Picasa. I suck at both taking good pictures and editing them. 

 My twisty hairstyle attracted some comments at the restaurant on Sunday.
 I got to use a piece of fabric from my hoarder stash. It was about a yard or 1.5 yds.
I used vintage fabric with a vintage pattern, which is always fun.
I made no changes to the pattern, other than shortening the sleeves. I thought long sleeve blue floral would be a little overwhelming.
It fits nicely and is comfortable.
It has a nice shape and goes well with skinny jeans and flats.
It was super easy to make and took just a few hours.


Is anyone else bored with We Sew Retro? I used to like that before they switched it to wordpress. Lately, I still look at it but I am never interested in anything posted there. It seems like a lot of beginners now. Maybe that's because I'm not a beginner seamstress anymore?

Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Such a cute top! I agree with you about We Sew Retro. I used to love to stop by and check out the garments, but it seems like some people are using it as their own personal blog instead of a place to showcase garments. I wish the posts were limited to finished objects from vintage patterns only. :]

    1. Yeah, finished objects only would make it so much better!

  2. Love you top, it looks so comfortable.Pretty fabric too!

  3. I too agree about the sew retro site. There are no details about finished garments anymore. Its just a picture, a blurb and "details on my blog...". The last post I made was regarding looking for some pattern help. I had a cute little girls pattern but I had no envelope and no instructions so I was hoping someone would have recognized my mystery piece. It got basically no help. It does seem that it's all very basic stuff, I keep hoping I will see some true vintage patterns being made but to no avail. No details anyway.

    I love the shirt btw. I too take a 30" bust. Hehehe, they tend to be cheaper on etsy and eBay too bc a lot of people think they are kids patterns. It's the only positive I've found to being itty bitty on top. No worries about the Singer, it will be spring soon (one can hope) and the estate sales will pick up again.

    1. There is no real information there and with so many new sewers, no actual advice to be had.

  4. I miss the old We Sew Retro too. I agree with previous comments - it's more of a place to dump a picture and a blurb in hopes of getting clicks over to their personal blog. Boring! I think the people (person?) who run the blog have good intentions - there are lots of great giveaways and the Facebook page is pretty active - but the actual content is really really lacking now :(

  5. I miss the old We Sew Retro site, too. I actually removed it from my Google Reader a little while back, along with The Sew Weekly. I agree 100% with what everyone else has said. I don't want to look at a picture and then go to your blog - can't you just post the WHOLE post at We Sew Retro? Link to your blog if you want, but when I'm at work, I want to be able to look at it all in Google Reader and not be clicking dozens of links.

    Anyway. Cute top! I am always geekily excited when I can sew a vintage item with vintage fabric too. I buy metal zippers and rayon hem tape in lots on eBay and Etsy, so it's basically an entirely vintage garment!

    1. I also used a vintage zipper, just to please you! :)I am over Sew Weekly too now that it is is just random people each week. Time to do a purge!

  6. I agree, just like everyone else, and same with Amy as to The Sew Weekly. I liked it better when it was the same 5 women. There are enough repeat offenders ;) though that I still check in on it because I can actually remember those people's names!
    The top is very cute! I had a similar one and if you wanted to do the unbelted look, it isn't too maternity looking in summer with a pair of shorts.

    1. That's a good idea for the summer; it would be nice and cool!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!