Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goal #1- The cape is FINALLY done!

With the advent of daylight savings time (which is a misnomer because now when I get home from work it will be dark out!), tis the season for some terrible inside-with-flash-at-night photos.

However, the beast is done!
The back. It has a triangular yoke, which you can't see.
I finally finished sewing in the lining! Somehow, I ended up with a massive bunch of fabric at the bottom center back, so I made two little pleats on each side.
Andrew has gone on a business school trip to Argentina, so no pictures until he gets back. Maybe this next weekend, in the daytime? I already have my outfit planned out, since it has taken me about three years(!!!) to finish this cape. Wow! I hope, and promise, that my Vogue coat will not take three years to finish!!


  1. Nice job... you'll get a lot of comments on this for sure.

  2. Don't you hate mystery excess fabric?! LOL This is faboosh!

  3. I love your finished cape!! I wonder why the extra fabric too? Can't wait to see the picture of you wearing it! Three years is not so long and you finished it and that's what is important.

  4. Love the cape! I'm loving the idea of capes for fall and the winter-white is gorgeous. I'm curious if you will end up wearing it out a lot. Wouldn't it be lovely with long gloves and a hat? Look forward to the outfit photos!

  5. I love your cape too! I think they can be so chic and elegant, can't wait to see it on!


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