Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dress Idea/ Coat Inspiration

I saw this coat in my last issue of Lucky and I really liked it. There is a much better zoom in and out feature on the website here.
I am picturing it as a dress, though. I really like the front, of course. I also like the long sleeves. I like the cuffs. The bodice has double princess seams, which I like. I also really like the fitted waist with the two big pleats on either side. Or would tucks be the right word? I even found the perfect fabric in my Winter 2010 mailer from Vogue Fabrics. It feels like a microfiber of some kind, and it's the exact shade of green. It has that nice microfiber fuzziness and a bit of stretch. I like the look velvet would give it, but velvet is too hot, too expensive and too impractical with the dry-cleaning.

I would have to draft a pattern, I guess. Maybe Tasia will draft one for me and add it to her line of patterns! I'll cross my fingers!

What do you think, could this become a cute winter dress?


  1. Nice! I'm on the lookout for some olive wool to make a military style coat along these lines. A dress will be cool too!

  2. That is very cute, I love the military look and the idea of a coat-dress. Thanks for the shout-out too!


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