Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Sewing Goals

Most importantly, my first lemon baby has ripened! How exciting! The tree was blooming for my birthday in Feb, so they have almost taken as long as a real baby.
I have decided on five specific sewing goals for November, so that I can hold myself accountable and you can shame and nag me if I am slacking.

1. FINISH THE CAPE!!! It is already shameful that the cape has been unfinished for years. All it needs is the rest of lining sewn in by hand. Maybe a few nights in front of the tv!

2. Make a (probably full-skirted) dress out of these 3 yards of cotton. Pattern is still undecided.

3. Make this Vogue dress in the 3/4 sleeve view. The fabric is a rich, purple, cotton sateen with a little stretch. It told me to buy 4 yards, but I bought 3. I bet I'll need to shorten the dress skirt by a foot anyways.

4. Hem the navy blue Swirl dress from the estate sale. It will be first because I have matching thread.

5. Sew down the kick pleat on my Social Studies Dress. I went to wear it the other day and it will not lay flat. I didn't shorten the dress on the right line, so the proportions are off and it looks like lumpy ruffles from the butt down. Ugly, but easily fixed!

Therefore, I have one month to complete these five tasks. I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off, so there should be no excuses!!

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  1. That's an ambitious list but you can do it! I would love to see that cape finished, it's so close! You're right, just a few nights of hand-sewing casually in front of the TV will do it.
    Good luck and happy sewing!


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