Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#4 complete- Navy Swirl Dress

The dress is hemmed and ready to wear, in fact I wore it to work today. The dress is very comfortable. I left the hem a little longer than I normally like to maintain the proportions of the dress. It's a cute dress, it fits in with my personal style and it was only $3! I wore it with my dark denim jacket and my black heels with bows on the toes until one of the heel caps fell off. Time for a trip to a cobbler!
I only noticed when I hemmed it, but the plaid on the front is straight and the hem is straight and on the back wrap it is bias-cut with a circle skirt. Interesting, huh?
The pockets are kinda gigantic, but I do love to slouch around with my hands in my pockets.
I also fixed the Social Studies dress (#5) and hemmed 7/8ths of my cape (#1), so more pictures to come soon!


  1. Super cute dress! I love the square neckline and your trimming of it :)

  2. Gigantic pockets are the bees knees!~ Beautiful!~

  3. Terrific find! Love the style and the colors. Not to mention you look so cute in it! :) All the details of your dress point to late 40s, not later than the very early 50s. Big pockets, square neckline, drop shoulders, sash ties, even that back bias fullness - all hot design details back then. Very cool!

  4. You have a good eye, not just for vintage but what looks really good on you, That dress is so cute and the color is great!


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