Sunday, November 28, 2010

A fleece jacket for the wienie dog

Somehow the dog knew I was making this for him and spent the whole evening giving me baleful stares, aka the Stank Eye. I traced his previous jacket, which was much too short. If I remember correctly, it was a medium sized dog according to the pattern. It was tiny and only covered his back about 2/3 down, and not his sides. Here is the first version.

Same as the other one, it is two different types of fleece, so its reversible. It closes with velcro. After I made it and tried it on him, the butt part stuck out oddly. So I added two tucks along the top stiching seam, so it curves down like a dog saddle.
This side is dinosaurs, and I cut it out so that there is a big T-Rex right over his back. Hee hee!

It's a super quick and easy project that took around 30 minutes. The dog isn't too happy now, but he loves his jacket when it gets cold. We also recently discovered it makes him much more willing to go out and potty if it's raining. He is such a priss!


  1. So cute! I love the "stank eye"!!

  2. That is adorable and the look from T-Rex while he is wearing it it is too funny! He knows how to play you!


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