Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ladies, help me out!

This my "lucky interview jacket." I am finishing up my cover letter today and completing all of my applications and submitting them tomorrow. Then I will be in Chicago from the 20-24th looking for an apartment and hopefully doing some interviews, cross your fingers. Back to the jacket. I wore it on my interview to get the job I have now, and it was expensive and fits like a dream... thanks Banana Republic!
 Now, I plan on making this dress to go with it, probably the one on the right if the collar looks nice.
I guess my real question is what color should it be? I don't want to look too Easter-y, so no pastels. What about a neutral? Navy blue? Beige? Brown? Black?

What's a good serious job candidate color dress. Help, please!!!


  1. Since your jacket is light, I wouldn't go crazy with the darks, but I think you would look great in a blue (something like wedgewood blue) or coral color. Maybe a pretty green... not as bright as kelly, but like leaf green. Definitely no pastels.

  2. I think like Elle, I would like you in blue. toyal blue?

  3. My last interview suit was from BR, too. Their jackets are seriously wonderful!

    I'm boring when it comes to interviews b/c I work in a "man's industry" and dressing feminine doesn't always help your case in interviews, but I'd go with navy blue or gray. Good luck!

  4. I think grey would look good with this - a medium shade say 40-50% black (graphic designer talking hehe).

    Black would be too harsh and anything else with the same colour density (like primaries or navy).

    Accessorise with small pieces of red - like earrings or bracelet :-D

  5. Olive could actually be nice, although if the blazer is a true white, maybe not! I agree that blue is your best bet, one that is more grey. Navy would be super-nautical, which I would love.

  6. I think a grey version would be practical and look very professional. I always have a hard time accessorizing navy.

  7. i've actually made up mccall's 5972 in view B (i'm assuming that's the view you're talking about? the one with the giant awesome collar!). it's a really easy sew & it has a great fit. i don't have any pictures of mine, but i made it with some lovely deep purple lambswool... it's one of my favorite winter dresses, actually.

    of course, purple doesn't really work for everyone. make it in navy! i think it's such a classic shape & works really well with a classic color/fabric.

  8. I think a navy dress would look great with this jacket, although I love the idea of a royal blue too! Good luck!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!