Monday, June 27, 2011

Garage Sale Loot!!!

My friend Stephanie and her bf were kind enough to watch T-Rex while I was in Chicago. I believe he convinced them that they do not want a dog after all. He chased their cat endlessly, slept in their bed because he's a crybaby and was just generally a pain in the azz. Thanks Steph!!!

On Saturday morning, I went to pick him up and Steph and I went to some garage sales in the LGD and Irish Channel. Now, I am aware that I am moving 940 miles in a week or so, so I only bought lightweight things. Compromise! I bought this delightful coozie for 25 cents. 

 At another sale, they were cleaning out a warehouse of a printing company and all these old prints were 5 bucks each. I really love all of them. They are pretty big, and I plan on framing them and hanging them up.

 This is the French Quarter.
 Bizarre, but cool.
 I don't know if this will go in my house or my classroom, but it's cool either way.
Any good finds for you lately?

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  1. We loved trex! We just don't want a dog either. Lol


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