Thursday, June 2, 2011

School's out...for summer!

Yay! School's out as of last Friday! I had a great year overall, which was my second year teaching. Firstly, I had my own classroom, which was magnificent. For those of you who don't know, I had to spend my first year teaching from a cart, moving into other teacher's rooms on their off period due to overcrowding. This year was so much better! 

I have improved my classroom management a great deal, so I had very few major problems in my own room. I may be strict, but I think I am fair and my students respect me and some (maybe most?) also like me. Teaching is like parenting, though; you can't only be a "friend." 

Teaching shouldn't only be about standardized test scores, but right now it is (at least in the US). My students did so well! They made me very proud! I had 25% of my students score "advanced," which is the highest level. That is really great- only 5% of schools in Louisiana had more 6th graders score advanced! 90% scored basic or above, which means they learned a year's worth of material. I am proud of them, and happy that I taught them what they needed to know.

Fun picture: T-Rex got a harness, but it is a pain to take off and put on. 

Now I am going to continue my job hunt, work on getting in shape and sew a whole bunch of clothes!


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