Saturday, June 4, 2011

Garage Sale Loot!!!

I went to two garage sales today and I found some loot. There are lots of movies being shot in and around New Orleans so this said a "wardrobe and prop" clear out at a warehouse in a less than lovely part of town, aka the hood. I walked around but it was all gross, or mildewy or just trash. I did find a big map of the USA for 1 buck for my classroom. 

Then I walked by s section of old medical equipment (?) and I see this hideous monster!
Kill it with fire!
 It was dead, but about the size of a lemon. Good god! It gave me the heebie jeebies. 

Then I went to another sale that was advertising National Geographics, which I collect for use in my class. He also had a huge tub full of pages of old magazines, which looked interesting. All in all, I got about 15 Nat Geos, a wood elephant and a huge tub of paper for 11 dollars. 

 I sorted them into piles based on approximate decades. I will show you interesting ones for the next week, and then maybe give them away on freecycle or something? I am too lazy to sell things on ebay. 

Today's pictures: Sheet music!
Beautiful Ohio, 1918.
Best line:"drifting with the current down a moonlit stream while above the heavens in their glory gleam"

 This is from 1921 and also includes three fox trots and a waltz. Whoo hoo! Again, super cheesy lyrics. 

 1924, by Irving Berlin. Racy lyrics
 "Do you remember a night filled with bliss? 
The moonlight softly descending 
your lips and my lips were tied with a kiss
 a kiss with an unhappy ending!"
 This is from 1945. So much kissing! 
"Kiss me once, then kiss me twice, then kiss me once again
I did not add the caps lock, it's written like that. 

 You might want to enlarge this picture to see these two very comely ladies. Ha! The one on the right looks more like a brother! This is 1919. There are so many weird lines to this one. Here's the best/worst:
" Who played poker with Pocahontas when John Smith went away?
She always dressed up so pretty,
somebody must have fed the kitty,
she wore a blush just like every Indian,
that led John astray"


This is about a Swedish girl named Hilda and has y's for all j sounds. Is that supposed to be her accent? 

This song is by far the worst! Enjoy:

A simple Swedish girl was Hilda, 
When she landed here, 
But in one short year,  
She learned our ways and everything,

She got a beau named Yonnie Yonson, 
Since she left the boat,  
She sent his picture to the folks back home, 
On the back of it she wrote. 

Now if you look at Yonnie's picture, 
you might think he's slow,  
But he seems to know,
'Bout cows and dogs and everything, 
And when you talk about my Yonnie,
you speak of the best, 
I found out lots of things about that boy, 
He's so different from the rest. 

Holy Yumpin' Yiminy 
How my Yonny can love, 
When he kisses me, oh what yoy, 
makes me feel so oh! by Yiminy!  

He bane my sweet Papa,
I bane his Turtle dove,  
He no bane much on reading books, 
And he bane worse when it comes to looks, 
but holy Yumpin Yiminy,
how my Yonnie can love.  
Holy Yumpin' Yiminy 
How my Yonny can love, 

When he kisses me, 
oh what yoy, 
makes me feel so oh! by Yiminy! 
He bane my sweet Papa, 
I bane his Turtle dove, 
He's yust as clumsy as can be, 
but when he sits me on his knee, 
but holy Yumpin Yiminy, 
how my Yonnie can love.

What should I do with these gems, since I don't play the piano or sing?


  1. I love that "It's Been a Long, Long Time" song. Makes a little more sense coming out at the end of WWII. I think Bing Crosby sang it? At least I imagine it in his voice.

    Maybe you could frame some of the covers. (But probably not the one with the "brother.")

  2. The sheet music is so funny, are you sure you don't want to hang on to these? I don't know why but it would be so much fun to have and pull out and look at every few years!


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