Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am alive, just moving...

Hello! I dropped off the earth for a bit there. I have been working on boxing up all of our possessions. Andrew is already in Chicago working at his new job. I went up this past week and spent so much time exploring the city, and walking, and taking the el, and taking buses, and looking at at least 10 apartments in person and about ten billion more online. We finally found a beautiful place close to the the train for Andrew, but there are two other applicants  One wants to move in August 1st, so they're probably off the list, so let's hope the other people have terrible credit or something. We will both be soooo SAD if we don't get this place. Cross your fingers for us!

The house is a pit right now- there are boxes everywhere and all the dust is coming out from behind furniture as I pack. I got rid of my crappy dresser yesterday on craigslist's free section, and someone is coming to get Andrew's on Monday night. Not a whole lot of response for the ugly old sofa. Shocking, right?

I did sort through more of these 50s ads last night. These were the :fashion" one I liked. Forgive me if some are not 50s, not all of them are dated. I made my best guess.

I am starting to feel like I would rather wear one of these than do crunches/exercise. 


I thought this was hilarious. "I'll show you, rich girl!"

This dress is beautiful, but could imagine matching all those stripes? Intimidating

I like the pockets on this jacket, sorry its upside down.
More 50s ads later, and maybe I'll finish this white dress that has been malingering in my sewing room for about 2-3 weeks....

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  1. I don't know which part of town you are moving to, but once you get here, check out the dates for the Randolph Street Market Festival - so many antique booths with vintage clothes, buttons, etc. I thought of you when I was there this weekend, so I am passing the info along! Also, they had chocolate frozen bananas...


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