Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Bridesmaid Time!

Tomorrow we fly to Oregon for Anna's wedding on Sunday! I really like the dress and it's very flattering!
Accidental detail shot- it has a gathered neckline and the ruched waistband.
The back is pretty elegant and it fits pretty well.
Oh, and that's not a train- that's just about a foot of extra fabric Mom is going to help me cut and hem. I already bought the thread; it's a grey-purple and it was hard to match!

**And, to not misrepresent, I did not make this, I bought it at David's bridal!**


  1. Love the dress. It looks very nice on you.

  2. Beautifull!! I am really looking forward to the wedding it will be so much fun to see everyone!

  3. You're lovely! Great choice of dress. Have fun at the wedding :)

  4. Looks like a great fit! Well done.

  5. My friend had the same dress as a bridesmaid, only in a dental blue color. It is a really lovely dress.

  6. It's a lovely dress and very flattering on you. I can see this becoming a wardrobe staple, as it doesn't scream 'bridemaid's dress!'

    Enjoy the wedding!


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