Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pendrell Blouse in Action!

I wore my blouse with the white shorts I made, and remade, last spring. It is a cute and comfortable outfit.
This was the picture I desperately wanted, but they were making everyone wear life jackets into the artificial lake that is maybe ten feet deep. Plus, no one riding in the pelican boat makes me think that they don't let people. So we just took a picture instead.

Then we went to a pork barbecue for charity.

I thought this was very funny.
Oh how I love Angry Birds!
It was very hot, so I look quite pink. I did put on sunscreen!
Have a good Saturday!


  1. Love the pendrell blouse in action shots! Oh and the swan boat is hilarious! How fun!!

  2. Love the blouse, it looks so good on you and the color is really summery. The B-B-Q pictures are very funny!

  3. It's so cute! I love the fabric, the blouse works really well with a soft, Summery fabric.

  4. Love the outfit - looks like a fab day out was had. I am so jealous of your 'spring' weather (it looks on a par to our 2 days of summer weather!!!)

  5. Very pretty. And I love your sunglasses :)


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