Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Sunday Project

I saw this idea on Grosgrain a while back, and I liked it. I had four pairs of shoes that had gross insoles. The heels were all second hand shoes that were coming apart inside. The flats are super comfortable, but the fabric insoles had shredded apart and rubbed my feet all day. So, super quick and easy.
1. Traced foot on fabric and cut out.
2. Put in shoe to see where to adjust (mostly making the toe pointier). Recut 2 to glue in.
3. Hot glue in, in three segments starting in the heel.
4. Admire your handiwork!

I just used scraps on hand; admittedly, it would be cuter if the fabric coordinated with the shoe color.
Look at this sweet Mustang we saw at Home Depot.
Beautiful! I love my iPhone that Andrew got me for my birthday. I am not really a phone person, but it super fun.

Next project:
We'll see how cute it is. I am trying to think of a pattern to use for that beautiful red silk Andrew bought me in China. If this is cute, then it might work, and if not I have a nice summery dress. It's about 3 yards/meters I think. I want something beautiful, yet simple and sleeveless so I don't sweat all over it. (Lovely, right? But, practical.)

Any suggestions, vintage or modern?


  1. Gorgeous pattern, look forward to seeing it made up in that lovely fabric.

  2. I like your insoles, I think that is a really good idea and it sounds super easy! I like your fabric and pattern I can't wait to see it made!

  3. I love that pattern! I hope it comes out nice so I can buy it and not feel guilty ;) Your shoes came out adorable.


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