Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anna's Wedding

We just returned from Oregon last night. I saw my family, attended the wedding, and went snowboarding with Andrew.

For now, here are some (awful) pictures of the wedding. This is a lesson in why I need a camera that isn't a piece of garbage. So many were blurry, or too dark, or just hideous. Boo. I had a Canon Elph before this one and every picture it took was wonderful, like it could be a magazine.

It was wonderful seeing Anna get married. We have been friends since we were about 4 or 5 years old. Her husband is very nice and I am so happy for both of them! Congratulations Anna and Chris!

Here's waiting for the ceremony to begin.
We all went and got our hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding, which was really fun. The makeup lady was awesome and she did an awesome job! I let her do whatever and it looked amazing! Luckily, my insane zit face had calmed down in time for the wedding. I didn't get her name, but she is the older woman at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom's in Salem, Oregon. Lol. In case you're in town...
We went to Salon 554 to get our hair done and Tiffany did an amazing job! She curled all of my hair with a flat iron and then pinned it into this updo. It's hard to see the top, but the curls were braided down into the rest of the hair. It was amazing, and held up the whole night. Definitely the best updo I have ever had done.
I thought this was a good picture. Every single picture of the ceremony was blurry, so I'll have to see if I can get some from other people.
Plus, I have the rest of this week off for Mardi Gras Break, so maybe I'll even get some sewing done!


  1. You and Anna look so good in that photo! I can still see you two when you were in kindergarten too!

  2. That IS a great hairdo! Glad you had fun :)


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