Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading Books III

These are the books I returned to the library right before the trip to Oregon.

Two more David Fulmer books about the Creole detective in New Orleans, so now I have read all the ones the library has.
The Alexander Cipher, since I just taught the 6th graders about Alexander the Great. I read it on the plane, and it was very much a travel book. As in, you buy it in the airport, read it, and leave it on a seat for someone else to take cause it was only so-so.

Two more Sarah Addison books. The Sugar Queen was much better than the Girl Who Chased the Moon. I think I am too old to read books with teenage characters pretending to have a "serious romance." It makes me roll my eyes.

And then three Anne Perry books, which I really love. I have read a ton, but there are more! The Cater Street Hangman, Resurrection Row and Highgate Rise. They were all from the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, which I think I like best. And then I was reading online that she and her friend killed her friend's mother when they were teenagers! Can that be true, or is it internet nonsense? Crazy!

I love reading every book written by an author I like. It's very satisfying. I know I read every Nancy Drew and LM Montgomery book ever published as a kid! Fun fact!

Have a good Wednesday!


  1. The Anne Perry story is true. There is a very good Peter Jackson movie called "Heavenly Creatures" that was based on the case.

  2. Anne Perry is a great author! Her Charlotte & Thomas Pitt series is my absolute favourite. When you've read through those, definitely give her WWI series a go: http://www.anneperry.net/booklist/8

  3. That is a lot of reading...lucky you to have the time off. The Anne Perry series sounds good, I will check them out.


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