Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vintage Wrapping Paper Part II

Here are the rest of the wrapping paper pictures. This is the one I wrapped Anna and Chris' gift in. It is too cute!!!
I think this one is my overall favorite.
This is more of a sea-green color.
More cute babies.
Even cuter babies!
The rest are the same paper- tiny baby cave people being adorable.

I hope you enjoyed these! Mom really lucked out when she found them!

T-Rex caught some kind of bug at the kennel and the vet is closed today, so I have been babying him (more than usual) and finishing my garden. I do have quite a few projects to wrap up, though.


  1. I really did get lucky when I found that gift wrap, thank goodness for people who save interesting stuff! I just found a set of singer sewing machine attachments at a thrift store and it looks like I have some that you have. I am going to see if they work on my machine. I did find a website where I can print out the instructions for each attachment and that will help a lot, when I first looked at them I had NO idea what they did! LOL

  2. Those wrapping papers are so cool! It would be awesome if you could buy fabric with those prints. :]

  3. I was just going to say the same (@ Rebecca) I'd love to see some of the prints on fabric.


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