Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh, hai! 80s pants refashion/ Goodbye New Orleans!

I originally bought these pants at an estate sale in May. I thought it was more recent, but I had to go way back on the blog to find a link. They were terribly 80s in the worst way- high, tight waist, peg legs, poofy hips. In a word, sexy. Ha!

Stephanie and I have spent too much time discussing that extremely short shorts seem to be "in" right now, based on how many I see everywhere. I thought this would be an excellent refashion, to make these pants into short, sexy shorts. As a joke, obviously. We also wore our matching Oscar the Grouch shirts, bought at Walmart on a beach trip. I made them into shorts by hacking them off about 1 inch below the crotch and then fancying them up with my pinking shears. Oh la la!

We went to a colorful, local playground to highlight the delicious colors of our outfits. 
Oh hai!

This is by far the best picture- in the air and we even managed to touch hands!

This was the "try to slide without burning the flesh off of your legs" picture

All in all, it was a fun last photo shoot in New Orleans!

I am now officially in Chicago and setting up the house. Bleh moving is un-fun! We now have an enormous apartment that is pretty great, but it has no mini-blinds. Also, there is an enormous Jo-Ann about 5 minutes away. Yay! So expect to see many before/after curtain posts over the summer. I am starting to sew cold weather clothes already. I doubt I will need any more sundresses. 


  1. Too bad you couldn't have moved to RI...I want to have fun sewing adventures too! Every photo made me laugh.

  2. LOVE the photo shoot...kind of sad leaving New Orleans : ) but of course happy to be in Chicago for new adventures : )

  3. These pictures are amazing, well done! Since you're in Chicago now, you should check out The Needle Shop in Bucktown (pricey but so unique) and Vogue Fabrics in Evanston (the closest to Mood we can get). Looking forward to seeing your cold-weather-wears!

  4. It looks like you had a blast with your photo shoot. I agree, moving is no fun at all. Can't wait to see all the curtains you whip up. :]

  5. Enjoy Chicago.....I was born & raised there. It is beautiful and has some great food (which I miss the most). I am curious as to what neighborhood you have settled in? I was born on the far south side (or sowt' side as we say) and moved to the north side when in my 20's. There is lots to do, so enjoy!

  6. Reading this made me miss you even more!! I want to see lots of new house pics!


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