Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garage Sale Loot!!!

Stephanie and I went to some garage/estate sales today. I only found three good ones, probably because it's a holiday weekend. We went to a "moving sale" that was really an estate sale. There were a lot of cool lamps, but I am moving so I did not need to buy them. Stephanie bought a parade chair. Hmm, that's what I call them- people use them for sports events and camping, etc.

The next one was people who buy storage spaces that people have stopped paying rent on and then sell the contents. We went because there was a ton of teacher stuff. Stephanie got a bunch of checkers games and a ton of stickers. 6th graders LOVE stickers- even the boys. I love the 6th graders and I will miss teaching them!

The last one was a real estate sale, run by a company, but the prices were reasonable. Stephanie saw a cute set of china for 75 bucks. It was a brown pattern with different views of houses, like a farm house, or a French Quarter house, etc. There were about 3-4 different images. This was the cutest:

That's just the picture, there was no coffee pot. So she decided to think about it while we looked at the other stuff.

This was the awesome wallpaper in the kitchen!
 Stephanie found a really old-school stapler that she was incredibly excited about. It seems a former teacher of hers had one and she was always very envious.
 I only bought this. It's maybe 4 by 6 inches and the mouse is a thumbprint and it says "There's nobody else like you!" and all of the little colored shapes have other nice compliments. It's cute.

By the time we were done looking, Stepanie decided she liked the china and made me go make an offer. But some lady had bought it, WHILE we were looking around! Stephanie was sad. Lesson learned- there is no time for thinking at estate sales, you have to snatch up what you want asap! 

Angie, a reader, sent me an email and suggested I should do a post on how to find good garage/estate sales. I would like to, if anyone else is interested, and then we could have a discussion and you could leave your tips in the comments! Anyone down for that?

Have a great 4th of July weekend!


  1. Poor Stephanie! At least she has that awesome stapler!!!

  2. Hi there! I love your blog (posted a comment once on your French coasters back when I was living in Paris), but it makes me so envious of my lack of a vehicle, and thus lack of yard saling adventures! I'd be interested in seeing your how-to-find post! My dad and I had been going out together on Saturday mornings every summer until I went away to college. He (used to write for the Examiner and was almost on a TV show like American Pickers) is big into re-selling, but I'm more like you, just finding cool things that I "need." I've wanted to blog for a few years now, but can never keep up the momentum. I'd like to see a how-to-post on that too! haha. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and neat stories!

  3. My mom has a complete set and more! of that china pattern. If you ever see it again, snag it because it is quite valuable and usually VERY expensive. We got all our pieces at swapmeets and flea markets :)


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