Friday, July 29, 2011

My New System and a quiz!

Moving forced to me pack, unpack and organize all of my sewing supplies and I was amazed at the number of unfinished projects I had crammed into some drawers. I also have at least twenty patterns that I have never even unfolded. 

My new plan is that I must do this in order:
1. Make a fun project of my choice
2. Make curtains for one room of the house
3. Finish an unfinished project. 

When I run out of rooms, that will become make up an unused pattern. So, for example, I made my interview dress (1), then I made kitchen curtains (2), and then I dug through my drawer to finish something. I had long ago bought these two panels of fabric at garage sales, meaning to make pillows. Of course, I never did. 

 Scary owl on canvas. The back is unbleached muslin, which I had on hand.
 Crazy parrot. The back is bleached muslin. I secretly love when people write muslim instead of muslin- it makes me giggle every time. Talk about spelling changing the meaning of your sentence! "I made a muslim of this pattern." You what?
Time: Less than 2 hours

Notions: White thread (already had)

Fabric: Muslin and pillow panels

Cost: Less than $5

Here were some home decorating fabrics that I liked for the bathroom. I am making a curtain to cover the door-less closet and a shower curtain cover. It will need a lot of fabric.
Boats were 10.99/yd, the circles were 19.99/yd, the green with flowers is  10.99/yd. I did get the Jo-Ann app on my phone, which is great because you can save coupons in it, and then I always have them with me. 
I love this one, but is it (gasp) 39.99/yd. But it's so cute!

So vote which one you think is best. Our bathroom has that rental "charm" of having been painted cream color 96 billion times. The counter and tiles are also beige. I want something that is soothing, yet will distract you from the ugly bathroom.
Which fabric should I use for the bathroom?
Tomorrow some friends of Andrew's family are giving us two suede sofas! How nice is that! So I baked some peach pies to give them one as a thank you. I finally mastered good crust using Crisco. Crisco itself is repulsive, but it makes flaky pie crust.

The middle one was my leftover bits, that's why it's so ugly. We ate it last night and it was delish!



  1. "muslim" instead of "muslin" always makes me lol, too. another good one is "yolk" when they mean "yoke." the visual cracks me up every time hahaha

  2. Very organized list...I'm a list maker too. If I don't write it down it doesn't get done.

  3. Have you looked at They have some inexpensive home dec fabrics that might suit your needs for less than Jo-Ann's (NAYY). I agree about muslim and yolk. Nice pillows!

  4. By the way, I just checked and the bird fabric is available at for 18.98 with free shipping. Sorry to sound like an advertisement, but I am not associated with them just like their prices and service.

  5. Thanks Becca! That's good to know!

  6. I second trying out Also, if you you google for a coupon code I have found at least 15% off every time. Can't wait to see all the things you make. :]

  7. I had to vote for the birds it is so colorful and makes me feel happy! Glad someone (Becca) gave you the hint of and they have it cheaper. I love your pillows, somehow whenever I see owls I always think of buying them for you. I think you must have a collection tucked away? I am sending you a box with a small assortment of things including the fabric I told you about-hope you like it and can use it. So nice that you are getting a sofa and the pies as a thank you are really a sweet idea!

  8. I love the birds fabric if you can get it at a decent price. Otherwise I like the circles. Love your cheery yellow curtains!

    Crisco is great for pie crust--I use 1/3 frozen shortening, food processored into the flour, then add 2/3 butter (in small cubes) and whizz till pea size. I also add some sugar and salt to flour. Then dribble in cold water and mix by hand till it's pie dough. Not easy, but tasty :)

  9. I voted for the boats, but I do love the birds. If you get it for the price the posted above found, I think that'll be an awesome choice. Otherwise, boats all the way!

  10. I voted for the circles but I really want you to have the birds but was so conscious of the $$$! Maybe the bird company will GIVE you some material now that you are BURDLY famous (not such a leap from Burda to Birder)... Wouldn't that be a lovely thing?
    Wish I could wave my wand but I don't think it works from Oz..
    Hugs, Jasmine


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