Monday, July 4, 2011

Dress In Progress...

Once again, I am copying a dress from a magazine. It is hard to see in the picture, but it has little scalloped sleeves and gathers at the waist instead of front darts, plus the three tier skirt. If you can read it, this cotton dress sells for 2,741 dollars. Oh my lord! Cotton? Maybe if it was made out of clouds and silver, lol. 
 Anyhoo, my fabric is rayon so it does not have the stiffness to do the scallops on the skirt. I am doing a side zipper, so the waist will be more fitted, it just isn't pinned shut. I self-lined the bodice, so that is isn't completely see-through.
I ran out of fabric, so I had to buy more. Then I hit a mental block. I just haven't been able to get motivated to finish it. Plus all I have been doing is cleaning the evil bathroom and packing boxes. That is both boring and tiring. I have also read a book a day since I went to the library on Thursday. They are all sappy chick-lit books and are pretty ridiculous!

Maybe if I take a nap I will feel peppy and ready to sew!


  1. You've started so brilliantly! I am looking forward to seeing the finished dress. Moving chaos wreaks all kinds of havoc, doesn't it? Ugh.

  2. Oh the luxury of reading a book all day. If you did it, you probably needed the mental break. Don't work too hard!

  3. oh, that is a cute dress! but $2741 lolwut.

    i love love love sappy chick-lit books. i always feel really awkward, though, taking them out in public - idk. i have actually considered buying a kindle to better hide my shame lol

  4. Often ashamed to look at the prices of clothing in stores or fashion magazines when you can sew and you can see exactly how the garment is made. Being a seamstress is the greatest gift of heaven, do not you think the same?!


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