Thursday, August 2, 2012

Iron hate

My iron is pretty new, I bought it a month or two ago after my last one just stopped heating up randomly. It's not a fancy, expensive iron, but it wasn't the cheapest one at Target.

Gah, I should have read reviews online before buying one because it has terrible and accurate reviews. It loves to turn itself off really quickly and then not acknowledge that you are trying to use it again. Worse, it apparently has a "non-stick" plate which is the biggest lie ever. It is getting a sticky brown film on it, which then causes the fabric to glom onto it and cause clusters of wrinkles. I had to scrape it off with a butter knife, but it just keeps coming back.

I just wanted a decent, cheap-ish iron. Woe is me!


  1. That sucks! I have had my iron for 4 years now, which I believe equates to costing about $2 a year, since I bought the cheapest one that Wal-Mart sells, lol. It still steams, and best of all, there is no auto-off. I may have almost burnt my house down a few times by leaving it on for 12+ hours though. :]

  2. Target is pretty good about returns. I haven't bought a nice iron for sewing. I'm just using the cheap-o one i bought like 10 years ago. I don't iron a ton so it's still in decent condition and does it's job. The only negative is that it likes to spit water puddles when the steam is on (maybe that's just operator error though) so i don't use as much steam. Hope you find one that works!

  3. I just bought a new iron from Joann fabrics. They were 20% off and had a small Rowenta (it's compact) for $40 regular priced! My old iron was 7ish years old. It was a Shark super steamer and was pretty happy with it. It spit water and was tippy but the heat was consistent and the steam was really good.

  4. A good way to get the gunk off of the plate is to put a pile of salt on your ironing board and run the hot iron over and over and over it. The roughness of the salt will scrape off the gunk without hurting the iron. I have a Rowenta and it was pretty expensive but it was a great investment.

  5. Bummer! Having a bad iron is such a pain. Maybe you can find a good older iron at a thrift store or garage sale. I have my mom's old Black and Decker and except for steaming ability it's better than my new nonstick iron.


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