Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Oregon...

We had a fun trip to Oregon to visit my parents and my brother, who came back from South Korea. We did lots of fun things like hiking at Opal Creek, feeding the beagles, going to garage sales and a winery and other fun. We even went crabbing for the first time at the coast! It was not really crab season yet, so we only caught four or five and they were either female or too small to keep. 
 It was fun to see my whole family together with Andrew there too. I got to see my friends from home as well and it was a wonderful break from work!

Look, my mom made me a purse! Isn't it cute? The best part is that it matches my awesome Minoru jacket perfectly. It is pretty big and if I put it flat on a table, I can easily find all of my things inside. 
I have great pictures from the road trip from Oregon to Chicago that show off my last dress that I made. Maybe tomorrow?

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  1. I love the photos!! That was such a great time-- so glad you and Andrew could make it!


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