Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A summer to fall transition dress

I bought another piece of fabric along with the one I wanted advice on last week. It is a nice fabric in fall colors, but I wanted to make a summer dress that could make the transition to fall. The weather is still nice here and I hope to fit in more beach days, but soon it will be getting cold. 

I used Simplicity 7689, with the middle view. It is two pieces and two facings. Including cutting time, it maybe took a hour to make. Jiffy, like it says!
The fabric is peacock feathers, but in shades of off-white, tan, burgundy, green and blue. I really like it.
 I hemmed it on the machine and added an Alma style waist tie, since the pattern doesn't include one. It looks very tent-like without the sash. The shoulder tie is rayon seam binding to match the blue in the peacock eyes.

It was fun and easy to make; I am happy with it. I can add tights and a cardigan and wear it into fall as well. 


  1. Really cute! I'm glad you made it in this pattern, I was hoping you would use it! Nice fabric with the touch of blue. Have you decided which dress you will make the other fabric into yet?

  2. Very cute! I love the fabric. Where did you get it?


  3. I love the colours in the fabric and the dress looks fabulous on you! But I have to say: that is a very early-autumn dress, unless of course you pair it with a jacket.

  4. Oh that is SO cute! What a lovely choice of fabric. It really suits you xx

  5. So cute! Love the fabric and the style of the dress is perfect on you. Well done!


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