Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finally, some sewing loot!

After several weeks of wasting time at terrible estate sales, last weekend we finally found two good ones. One had a bunch of buttons, so I spent some time sorting through them. I bought the ones below to sell on Etsy probably:

 These I am going to keep for sure:
 There were also four Anne Adams patterns in a bust 32 that I snatched up. Maybe no one else noticed them because they don't have fancy envelopes?
 I like the waist panels on the left and the right could be very pretty.
 The left is very similar to the pattern Diana gave me a few weeks ago and the right could be a cute tunic style top. I also bought a pair of scissors and a creepy, framed print titled "Sad Clown." All of this was seven dollars.

A a second sale, I bought this rag rug, a tweed glasses case and two white wigs. You never know when you might need to dress up like an elderly person, right? This was half off, so it was four dollars.
Yay to reasonable prices and sewing loot!


  1. OMG RAG RUGS. I feel like I am 7 years old again just looking at them! Those patterns are stunning - what a great find!

  2. Great loot! My grandma always used to have rugs like that when I was child, which always seemed to make me slip and fall when I would run across them at warp speed. Those are fabulous patterns! I have pattern envy, lol. :]

  3. Wow you really got some great stuff, I love the patterns and buttons. two things you can never have too many of!! I just got a rag rug too, I love the bright colors!


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