Saturday, August 11, 2012

A long sleeve Alma with more polka dots!

I made another Sewaholic Alma, but this time I made view C with the long sleeves. It was also a great excuse to use these buttons that my mom picked up for me at an estate sale. 
 "Buttons I cut off of a blouse in my mom's cedar chest- along with a blouse from her wedding portrait- blouse would have been worn around 1910 to 1920- married in June 1920- so buttons near 100 years old"

At first I thought they were wood, but now I am not sure. Some kind of early plastic maybe? The loops on the back are metal. Plus there were only four, so I used them for the cuff closures.
 The last one was very fitted and I wanted it to be looser. When I cut out the front and back pieces on the fold, I moved them over about half an inch. That gave me two more inches of ease.
 I accidentally sewed up both the side seams forgetting to put in the zipper. However, I can jimmy it over my head if I squirm like a weasel, so no zipper for me!!!
Anyways, I am pretty happy with it and its such a pretty blouse for the fall! Off to two estate sales, have a lovely weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I love the fall version on the Alma!! I remember buying the buttons at an estate sale but I did not realize how old they were, I'm so happy you could use them on such a nice sewing project!!

  2. Lovely blouse. Perhaps the buttons are made of nut? It's darkly colored, strong and dense.

    1. Oh maybe, that would be really interesting!

  3. Pretty! I love that dotty fabric.

    I wonder if your buttons are celluloid? It's an early plastic-type material (kind of like Bakelite) that was used a lot in the 20s & earlier. At any rate, they are beautiful. Glad you were able to find a use for them!

  4. Love this version!

    The buttons a neat, nostalgic addition to the blouse - they're beautiful.


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