Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday What I'm Wearing

This is my outfit for today. I had planned this out on Sunday when it was in the 70s, and now its getting cold. Oh well, I'll stick it out. Once again, sorry for the terrible self-timer pictures.
I wore this dress with my cute green shoes (from Payless) and my pink coat (from Nordstrom's). And yes, it is identical to my green coat, but in a different color!!

Inside, I wore it with my blazer from Banana Republic. I know I should sew myself some more blazers, they are so practical. Plus, it wouldn't be $180. However, blazers are hard and I doubt it would fit like this one, which is a petite. It's my lucky blazer, I wore it to my job interview when I got my job!:)
Just the outfit. My 2nd period class liked yesterday's dress. Today, 4th period liked my outfit. Yesterday, they sang me happy birthday. Today, a few girls complimented my outfit and then the whole class got into it, just to be ridiculous.

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