Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advance 4832- Blouse that buttons up the back

The pattern:

This turned out to be a cute blouse, and a pattern that I could use again. With little adjustments, it could be made again and again. Since I also plan to wear it with the blue chinos I just bought, it forced me to hem the pants now, rather than months from now.

Total Cost: $15.32

Changes to the pattern:
1. Left out the shoulder pads
2. Replaced the lace with fabric ruffles

I attempted to learn a rolled hem, but I sincerely doubt I did it correctly.

I did discover you can still dress yourself with the back buttons. I just left the two middle ones done, and slipped it over my head. Then, I could reach behind me and button the top two and the bottom two. Ta da!

How I plan on wearing it:
Sleeve detail:
The collar: It keeps curling up, so I might tack it down.
T-Rex modeling the shoulder pads I decided not to use:
I made excellent buttonholes using my attachment, and I made fabric-covered buttons, which are adorable. A new obsession....

I think the pants balance out the frou-frou girlishness of the blouse.
Next up: the lemon dress


  1. So cute. I love button back blouses with covered buttons.

  2. What a cute blouse and the covered buttons look great! I'm going to have to look around for that pattern it would be great for work.

  3. Oh Molly, You did such a great job, the fabric is the perfect choice and the buttonholes are perfect and I love the covered buttons! I would give it a 10+

  4. Sew cute! But where is the back view? If it is a back-button blouse, can't we see it :D

  5. Very cute! Especially love the sleeves and the buttons.

  6. Looks beautiful, Molly! Congratulations on a fantastic FO!

  7. I think your blouse looks so much better than the illustration!


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