Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lemon Dress Finished!

The pattern is Simplicity 4782.

Total cost- $27.77

The daylight is fading, so I'll take some picture wearing it tomorrow.

My changes:
I shortened the bodice an inch, which was perfect.

I folded up the skirt about 5 inches, and ended up cutting off three more. I am very short, but I also wanted just below knee length instead of tea length.
I ended up taking in 2 inches from the center back seam, since it was pretty baggy. That fixed that.

I also rolled the hem under twice about 1/2 " each time, and hemmed it on the machine. This was in part because I am lazy and the prospect of hemming a circle skirt by hand bored my brain-box, and to give it some extra body. It now stands out a little by itself. It's too hot in Louisiana for crinolines- especially with my car with the broken a/c...


  1. It looks great! I love the fabric! Can't wait to see you wear it!! I'll have to remember that trick about the hem!

  2. I love it. I look forward to seeing it on you.

  3. Very cute! Your living room looks like mine--I'm always hanging my projects up all over the place.

  4. Very cute! I want to see it on you...quick take a picture and post if. : )

  5. Lovely dress! I saw this fabric today at Joann's and wondered what could be done with it. Well you helped enlighten me:)


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