Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frankenstein Dress Pictures

Well I wore the Frankenstein dress to work today and Andrew was home when I got home, so I finally took some pictures of the dress on.

I don't know about you, but I like seeing the clothes on people, instead of a dress form or a hanger. It just looks so much more interesting!

We took these in the vacant lot next door. Our neighborhood flooded during hurricane Katrina, although we didn't live over here then. So the house was torn down, but there are still kitchen and bathroom tiled spots on the ground and the "stairs that go nowhere."

Oh New Orleans, always lookin' so sketchy.
I probably should have shortened the bodice a bit, because it looks so slouchy. My sewing should compensate for my slouching, not accentuate it.
I do really like the neckline. It is very flattering. I was thinking about making the lemon fabric up in this dress' pattern, but looking at the pictures I don't know. I want something fresher and more summery.

Also, it must be sleeveless! My car has no a/c because it is so old it's not worth the cost to fix it ($1000). So I need dresses where I can wear a little sweater inside, and then be sleeveless for the 30 min drive home! Groan. I have maybe another month and a half before the 90 degree torture begins.

Any thoughts on:

styles for the lemon dress?


driving an old (but not vintage) car?


  1. Are those Creole Cottages behind you? I think I see 2 front doors. I made a quilt with a Creole Cottage:


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!