Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue Dress Progress

Now that I have all the parts, I tried out my buttonhole attachment. It took me 20 minutes of bumbling to get it attached correctly, and then I busted out a perfect button hole in 10 seconds! Awesome! Why was I ever afraid of making these??????

Here is my menacing attachment. I love how shiny and black and cool looking it all is.
(I was just talking to my sewing machine telling it how pretty it is with its shiny blackness and fancy gold writing. Don't worry, I talk to the car and the dog too, comparing them to other cars/dogs and giving them compliments.)
Tonight I fit the skirt of my dress, because I didn't need any help pinning the back, unlike the bodice. It fit pretty well, but I lengthened all the darts about 2-3 inches. It had a weird poofiness between my waist and hips, and that fixed it. I also interfaced and made the belt. Since self-covered belt buckle kits are obnoxiously hard to find and don't meet my standards of "cheap", I decided it will just button. Which was an excuse to figure out this contraption.

My beautiful belt (don't look at the inside) and my perfect trial button hole.
This is my next project, which I blame entirely on Gertie's blog. She had a post about the necessity of owning a perfect blouse that buttons up the back. Thus, I HAD to buy one on ebay. It was preordained, meant to be, karmic. lol, excuses, excuses.
Isn't it cute?

Does anyone else have a Singer buttonholer and thinks it's awesome?
uses advice on other blogs to make impulse buys?


  1. I love that blouse pattern, especially the long sleeved version (the sleeves are so elegant!)

  2. Your buttonhole attachment is great! I can't wait to see the dress on you. The buttonhold looks perfect and you make it sound like it's super easy with the attachment, it sounds easier than my attachment!

  3. I had a blouse a lot like this in 1984 except it did button in the front!

  4. I can't wait to see your dress!

    And about the other blogs being responsible for my impulse buys? Oh yes, they are. You should see the mountain of sewing books that I have. It's ridiculous. And I don't even use them that much. But somehow, everytime someone goes on and on about a perfect new sewing book, I just have to have it. What can I say? I'm a bibliophile hidden in a sewing fanatic. Or is it the other way around? ;-)

  5. I *love* my buttonholers! Modern buttonholes just aren't as pretty, IMO, and with the vintage buttonholer you can make keyholes and eyelets, too. One thing I learned about using the vintage buttonholers is that sewing the buttonhole twice makes for a really sturdy, neat buttonhole and adding a cord creates a very tidy look for a heavy coat.

  6. I have a black buttonholer like yours. It is for my Featherweight. They belonged to my mother-in-law. I have not yet used it. I also have a buttonholer that came in a pink football-shaped plastic case. It's for my Singer 401A. Haven't tried that either. But I'm looking forward to it because everyone says that these old buttonholers do a great job.

    Yes, reading sewing blogs has inspired me to buy several vintage patterns, and to put a few books into my Amazon cart. (I'm another bibliophile-seamstress -- as well as a quilter.) So far I've only bought Fit For Real People.



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