Monday, November 9, 2009

Simplicity 3914 - Black and White Day Dress

Due to the fake-hurricane Ida, I got a three day weekend- a hurrication (hurricane + vacation, everyone uses it, I can't claim I made it up). I already had gone to Jo-Anns the weekend before, so I was ready to sew.
This is the fabric, a black cotton with wavy lines of tiny circles in white. I thought it would be perfect for the pattern, which is for a striped dress with stripes in 2 directions.
The pattern is Simplicity 3914, for a cute dress with short sleeves and a full skirt. The pattern is undated, but it looks very 50s- early 60s to me. The girls on the front have pig noses and are pretty scary. If you love the pattern and are insane, you can buy it here for $55. Yikes. I made an 11, which is for a 31'' bust. I was afraid it would be too tight, but it has a nice ease. It's perfect for a work dress. The pattern calls for 4 3/4 yards, but I bought 4 and it was fine. Luckily.

Sewing up the pattern was fast and easy. I am proud that I set the sleeves in perfectly, since that is the second time i have ever done set-in sleeves.

My only caution: I thought the darts looked overly long, and I was right. I had to pick them out and shorten them. It created a 80s Madonna cone-boob look, which was very ugly. So if you make it, shorten the darts.

I wish it had pockets, but since it is a three piece dirndl skirt, I don't know how that would work. Oh, also I made the sash from view 1 and 3. It looks nice.

(The dog trying to ruin my picture)

All in all, a cute dress! Plus, I probably made the whole thing in 3-5 hours, including cutting. it was really easy. And that includes an hour sewing the hem by hand inf ront of the tv.


  1. What a pretty dress! I love the way the pattern goes in two directions.

  2. You are amazing. That is a drop-dead gorgeous dress. I think this is my favorite of everything you've made so far. How clever to have the design going in two different directions. It adds more interest to the dress.

    I have another blog now as well if you want to add it to your list, but please don't feel obligated.

  3. What a beautiful dress (and such a cute pup)!

  4. I love your dress and the material choice was excellent. I simply must have one like it myself. (As soon as I finish the red silk dress I'm working on.)

  5. What a cute dress! I like the way the stripes go in a different direction on the bottom... Looks really cute... Here is my blog address..

  6. Very nice work. It's wonderful to see so many young sewers enjoying the vintage patterns. The instructions are often excellent, the fit (once you know what size to get) much better and the detailing so much more interesting than current ones. I'll be checking in to see what you are up to.
    PS I'm a retired teacher so I'm always happy to run across another kindred spirit!

  7. Fantastic dress! You picked the perfect fabric, the stripes going in different directions look fabulous.

  8. Want a job? I need 4 Bridesmaid Dresses, 2 Junior Bridesmaid Dresses and a flower girl dress. 3 in Sage and 3 in lavender. Contact me at Your dress is beautiful and I cannot buy dresses that are modest enough for my wedding. It's really frustrating.

  9. this looks fab! i know that pattern is for "junior and misses" but did you have any problem with the sizing (or is the fitting perfectly fine for someone between 18-30?)? i'm considering buying this pattern off etsy so i need a second opinion.
    tori :D


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