Monday, November 30, 2009

Simplicity 3712

This is my pattern. I made the red skirt, view 2. The little vest thing is called a weskitt, apparently. Not my style, so to speak. Haha.

The pattern was super simple, but that didn't stop me!! (from ruining the skirt) The hem looks even in the picture, but the stitching puckered the fabric and is terribly obvious.

Look at this monstrosity of a zipper! Ugh. I am not interested in taking it out and fixing it, however. The waistband is nice, and I made the buttonhole by hand, so it looks okay.

The skirt had a flattering shape, and if I make it again it will turn out better. I would not make seams going up and down the center front and back. Especially with this gabardine crap I bought because I liked the color. It falls in the wrong places. I would also make a side zipper. With the length of the zipper and the seam down the back, it is too drapey in the butt/back of legs.

Well, live and learn. Next time, with a different type of fabric, it could be a pretty skirt.

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  1. Overall it looks like a lovely skirt. I can relate because I am having a train wreck with my party dress I am trying to finish. Don't know if I'll get it done in time. I keep having to take out stitches and the fabric stretched out of shape and all kinds of other things. I am trying to remain calm. Well, I better get back to work. Hope you have a better time of it next time.


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