Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work in Progress

This is my dress I finished yesterday. It's from the 1970s. My mom bought me the pattern and the fabric, from thrift shops, I think.
I really wanted to get pictures of it today, but it turned cold, windy and rainy overnight. Hopefully, I can get pictures of it sometime this week after work, but who knows. It has a cool neckline, and it was my first attempt at adding padded bra cups to it, so that was exciting!
I am now working on Stephanie's birthday dress. This is the pattern- view D, the girl in grey at the bottom.
Here is the work in progress. It needs sleeves, a zipper and a hem, so I am nearly finished! It's not on the dummy because her waist it 2 inches smaller than mine and her torso is longer. I had to lengthen a pattern for once, instead of shorten it!

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures, but that's winter for you!

I already made my lesson plans for this week, but I need to go make my power points on Ancient Greece!


  1. You are just super sew girl right now...wonderful to see so many projects finished!

  2. Very cute, I want to see it on you but will wait for warmer weather! Stephanie's dress is really pretty, will we get a picture of her wearing it?

  3. Yeah she's already planned her photoshoot, ha ha


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