Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Goals

December re-cap:
1. Make t-rex a fleece jacket (check)
2. Treat wool for Vogue coat (check) The wet-towel-dryer method really does work, good to know.
3. Cut out coat pieces in wool and flannel underlining. (not complete)
4. Hem last 2 Swirl dresses (check)
5. Draft my own pattern for military-inspired long sleeve dress (not even started)
6. Make a flashy dress for NYE. (check, if you count the red velvet dress)

Bonus: I made 2 pairs of pajama pants, one for me, one for Andrew. Also finished the purple dress from (gasp) November. Pictures soon!

January Goals:

1. Cut out all of the dark blue wool pieces and then baste them all to the underlining. I cut out the light blue accents already and cut out and marked all of the flannel. Someday over the rainbow, I may actually begin sewing my coat. On a hilarious note, Andrew seems to think I plan on finishing this coat sometime this winter. LOL. Maybe before next winter, hopefully!
2. Make my friend Stephanie a dress for her birthday. It was in late December, so I don't have a deadline. She liked this pattern, the grey version, and I picked out the fabric because she had no preference. It will be interesting sewing for someone else. I told her I would make her a dress for her birthday and she said "But you hate sewing for other people!" Which is true, unless it's my idea, of course. :)
3. Make this dress (second from the left) out of the fabric my mom gave me. It's a 34 bust, so I might have to do some adjusting. I might sew in bra cups? Anyone done that? Good idea or bad idea? Not being able to wear my padded bra would make me sad.
4. This pattern, from my mom, cracks me up. I think I will make it just for laughs, cap and all. So that will be hilarious! I like the middle version with the diaper-shorts and puff sleeves and cap. I bet it uses like 10 yards of elastic!
5. I want to make a pair of gloves. I traced out my pattern, and I will sew up the beige one for practice. I don't know what type of fabric yet.
6. At least draft the pattern for the green dress. Maybe I will make it up, too?
Well, this is what I hope to accomplish. We will see what actually gets done and what does not!


  1. Wow, that is quite a list of goals. It's really good that not only do you write them down and post them on the blog! I like all of your choices and especially the baby doll pj's with the curler cap! Can you believe teen girls were wearing this in the 60's? The dress you are making out of the blue cotton will be very pretty!

  2. The pajama pattern is hilarious. I can't wait to see that made up.

  3. Thats amazing. You must sew so quickly!


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