Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday Dress Details

There are a only a few sewing techniques that, after I learned them, made me say OMFG that made my life SO MUCH better!!! Learning to use the Singer Button hole attachment would be one; pick-stitching a zipper would be the second. I am totally a convert. Now I can simply and successfully close a garment with buttons or a zipper and know that it is going to look splendiferous! It's exciting.

Tomorrow night we are going to get drinks and do Stephanie's photo shoot, but here are some details before the dress leaves my possession. I actually tried to do some finishing and nice details. I don't care about such things, but it makes a gift nicer.

I hemmed it by hand and finished the raw edge with ribbon.

I did the same for the neck facings. You can see the big stitches of my zipper; I am still amazed that pick stitches hold it in so securely.I even added a hook and eye at the top! (Now you are probably just saddened at the level of slacking on my projects for myself). The side seams and armholes are still pinked. I like pinking. I know some people say it's lazy, but I like how it looks, and any vintage dress I've ever bought had pinked seams. Good enough for me!
If it wasn't for the flash, the zipper would have been entirely unnoticeable. Score!
Three day weekend in honor of MLK, so hopefully I can get some sunlit pictures of my sundress too! Have a good weekend!


  1. So pretty, it is perfect for a birthday dress for Stephanie! The pattern will look really good on her and the fabric is so beautiful. She's lucky to have a friend that sews!

  2. This looks beautiful , I can't wait to see it worn . I need to learn how to hand pick a zipper.

  3. Very beautiful!

    I love pinked seams.

  4. Can you recommend a tutorial for the picked zipper? I'd love to try that!

  5. Lovely dress, fabric is gorgeous!

  6. Here is a blog post with a bunch of links:


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