Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exciting technology

I finally bought a tiny memory card for my phone, and was able to put the pictures on the computer. Some of them are funny and random, and I'll post from time to time.

These are the two (main) stray cats that I have been feeding. The girl across the street used to feed them on her porch, but then she moved maybe two months ago. They weren't her cats, she was just nice and fed them.

So now they are mine. Or as much mine as stray cats that Andrew won't let me adopt can be!

This is One-Eye, who I have recently decided to call Uno. Get it? He really does only have one eye. There is fur where his left eye would be. A very striking cat though! He knows T-Rex is a moron and keeps his distance.
This is my beloved favorite, who I call Snickers, like the candy bar. Snickers is smart and awesome. He has been super tolerant of T-Rex, never once ripping his face open when he acts like a moron. He lets the dog smell him, and jam his face up in his whiskers and so on.

Sometimes he runs, like today, when the dog came barking and lunging out the door, apparently to snatch a mouthful of cat food from the stray cat. Really, fat dog? You want to eat cheap-o cat food, instead of your expensive dog food I buy for you? Jerk.

Snickers is smart. He learned my schedule, so he knows the best time to wait for me to feed him. I took this today. He was waiting for me nearby, and then when I parked he came over. He lets me pet him and everything. XOXO, I love Snickers! PS, Snicks has half a tail, so I guess they are both "interesting" cats!


  1. Aww they are adorable! Do you know for sure if they're boys or girls? It can be advisable to desex stray cats - I know there are programs here in Australia where local shelters offer to neuter strays at a discounted rate to try and keep population down. I know they're not YOUR cats - can be such a tricky limbo thing can't it.

  2. Awwww, they are so sweet! I like both, have they ever come into the house? T-Rex sounds to me like if he was human he would wear glasses that resemble coke bottle bottoms, in other words I think he is nearsighted! That must be the explanation for a dog sticking his face into a cats face or maybe he has never suffered the consequences!

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  4. Our vet does do trap and release spaying, but I also kid of wonder if I'm feeding other people's pet. I don't know.

  5. They're both adorable but I have a crush on Snickers^^, he looks so sweet!


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