Friday, November 26, 2010


Andrew and I had a fun Thanksgiving here, with just us and the dog. We still made a whole dinner, of course!! We made my mom's stuffing, his mom's stuffing, a turkey, cranberries, yams, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole and gravy. I think gravy is my favorite food...

Earlier in the day, I decided to use the stove-top dyeing method on my Rit box. It would have worked perfectly except I used way too much dye so they look more black than green, and....
the gloves were leather! Duh! I am a moron. When I fished them out, they had shrunk to little toddler-hands size. I can only give myself a duh for that one. I forgot to take a picture, I'll post one later.

The purple dress is ALMOST finished. I tried to hem it on the machine and it looks like absolute shit. So now I am going to have to hem the whole *((%$@% by hand! It is like 12 feet of fabric! I was going to do some of it yesterday because I thought I was getting 2 Closer episodes in the mail from Netflix, but I had the queue all wrong. I got Rome season on for Andrew because he is obsessed with Roman military history. He will talk your ear off if you get him started... He is so funny because little details that are wrong or illogical make him crazy. For example, we were watching Pirates of the Caribbean on tv and they run back and forth and succeed in flipping the ship upside down. Then when they turn right-side-up, they try to shoot each other and Andrew says "Ugh that wouldn't work. The powder in the guns is wet." LOL!

I was going to use fabric covered buttons, but they were not working. Instead I am going to use these cloudy red vintage buttons. The contrast is much less noticeable in person.
And, I made a waist stay like I said. I love purple and red together. I had a purple and red swimsuit when I was maybe 8 and I loved that thing!
I used some of my credit card miles to get a ipod. It's one of those things that I would like, but never have the money for, or the desire to save up for it. I have been playing Angry Birds for hours, so that explains why I have very little sewing done for the week.
Look what I just slapped together in about an hour. I need to buy a zipper tomorrow, but other than that it's finished. I love the fabric! I used an old pattern that fits well and has nice sleeves and I redrafted the neckline to get more of a scoop. I also used my gathering foot on the skirt, which was AMAZING! Such a time saver!
I hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving!


  1. I am so amazed and jealous at how much you accomplish in such a short amount of time! I'm glad you and Andrew had a good thanksgiving and I want to try his Mom's stuffing some time. I think it sounds really good and so different than the bread stuffing I make. I have never eaten chesnuts so it's about time I tried them. I like the buttons and think they look really good on the purple fabric and love the second dress you made!

  2. I love your purple dress! The blue one is so fun, and I like your photo shoot pics of it.

    My guy played angry birds half of Thanksgiving! He says it's consumed his whole office.


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