Sunday, November 21, 2010

My week in pictures

This is the pattern I am currently working on, with the 3/4 sleeves.
Bodice.The thread matches pretty well, I think the flash just made it look weird. The pattern does not call for interfacing for the front yoke, but I read a really helpful review on pattern review, and decided to interface it. It is super stiff, so I know it will hold even after the dress is washed several times.
It needs button closures for the bodice and hooks for the front flap. I am also going to try Tasia's advice and make a waist stay. Since I used cotton sateen, the skirt is incredibly heavy. Try to ignore the filthy living room in the background.
Then I murdered my first two lemon babies to make a pie. They are super juicy- two lemons gave me over 1/2 cup of juice!
Andrew was playing with fire making a sauce au poivre for the steaks.
Here is some hilarious student work. Sometime I just can't resist taking a picture. Here are some intriguing, anatomical-looking fireworks...
And, I can't even begin to imagine what an iron pillow is? (Plus, the question should say history, instead of religion)
Hope you liked the pictures! I get all of this week off for Thanksgiving, so I will be sewing and hopefully finishing both of the dresses for my November goals!


  1. Hey! Your dress new dress looks great, what a cool colour! I love how perfect the pleats/folds on the front of the bodice are looking!

  2. Your work on the dress is beautiful and very exact, I like the color and think it will look very good on you. So exciting that you have ripe lemons! You didn't say what kind of pie so I am going to guess lemon meringue, am I right? The school work is...well, interesting and we will leave it at that! LOL

  3. I have always wanted to make that dress! can't wait to see yours modeled <3

  4. wow! flambe with no shirt on. gutsy.


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