Sunday, May 2, 2010

Modern Patterns- Help me!!

I spent much of the morning looking at other people's sewing blogs like and Both of those are cool, you should go take a look a be inspired. ASW actually makes muslins and practices fitting, which I admire, but rarely practice. Esther is only 15 and sews! I wish I had spent all of high school becoming an awesome sewer, imagine the things I could be making now!

But that brings me to my point: Big 4 patterns just don't fit me. In high school we still had super-slow dial up (lol), I had never bought anything on ebay, and I didn't know vintage patterns existed. All that helps to explain why, plus the fact I didn't want my clothes to look "home made." The last modern pattern I made had so much ease, it fit like a potato sack and probably would have fit someone with 4-6 inch larger measurements. It is very discouraging to sew up a whole garment and then have it not fit- or worse, have to grade down every pattern I buy in MY size. Waaahhhh.

Looking at all the pattern options and things people make with modern patterns makes me feel wistful.

Are there any other tiny people out there who know some pattern lines that actually fit accurately and go down to small sizes??? All help is appreciated!!

PS- This is a pattern size 6!


  1. Molly, I have huge issues with fit as well, which I whine about on my blog all the time :) My measurements are 31-24-32. I have found that sewing with vintage patterns is best for me (specifically vintage Vogue), though I avoid Simplicity like the plague. I have been on a hunt for the perfect dress form for months because I see it as the best way to solve my fit might help you, too.

    The lesson I've drawn is that I need to get a lot better at fitting, instead of searching for pattern lines that fit me, because most of them just won't fit. Some people say that indie pattern lines, like Colette Patterns, work best for hard-to-fit figures since the ranges are closer to RTW! Also, Colette Patterns are might be a good place to start!

  2. Have you thought about getting the book Fit for Real People?


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